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Your Desired Kitchen
Create Your Dream Kitchen

Kitchen Fixtures

We don’t only think about the skeleton of your kitchen, but we design all the details too. At Cosi Living, we make sure you get the most out of your space, like adding hidden drawers or Quooker taps. Worktops can be a free and clean space. Offering a full range of accessories from sinks and taps to handles and custom made storage, we have the right finishing touches to complete your desired kitchen.
Taps & Sinks
The details can be the trickiest part of completing a kitchen; we make it easy for you. Our taps and sinks range come in different variations, any size and style. Traditional sink and taps create that classic feel to a kitchen or opt for a modern style for a contemporary look. We provide you with easy, simple and stunning choices.
At Cosi Living, we want to make sure you are using the maximum space in your kitchen. We tailor make suitable storage solutions from your requirements. Each interior we design is different to any other we make, because we sit with you and design it together. We can work around angled walls and hard-to fit- spaces to give you’re a unique kitchen. Add hidden drawers, an island or extra shelving to get the most out of your units.
Complete your cabinet doors with the right handles. We supply a selection of handles including D-handles, knobs and decorative designs in various materials and colours. We’ve got a choice of metals to wooden designs to suit your taste.